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Sometimes we all get a little stuck – stuck in old thought, emotional and behavioral patterns. It can leave you feeling powerless in finding a way out. Perhaps you’ve processed through different therapeutic modalities but feel there is just a little lingering something that is effecting the way you function in life. Maybe you feel ready to go to the next level.


You may feel stuck when holding unresolved emotional experiences from the past.  You have protective mechanisms around them that continue to cause us you behave and live the same way in present day. New experiences arrive and trigger what was unresolved beneath the surface of the conscious mind. Now, you find yourself experiencing the feelings all over again… the anxious feelings, grief, irritability, and more.  There is a way out!



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The key to developing a permanent shift in yourself is to learn how to transform the relationship you have with your emotional experiences and the world around you. You are going to have feelings, but how do you relate to those feelings when they show up? Do you notice yourself automatically distracting yourself or doing anything you can to not feel unpleasant emotional experiences? For example, some of the ways you might distract yourself from feelings of stress, grief, anger, overwhelm, anxiety and more are to overeat or eat unhealthy foods, shop, get online, watch TV, etc…  You might even find that you avoid engaging in activities you want to be involved in due to fear holding you back.  The actions of avoidance in an of themselves are not harmful but it is the intention behind them that matters. These intentions will either reinforce old behavior patterns or free you from them.


If you engage in activities as an automatic reaction designed to distract yourself from not feeling the feelings, those feelings frequently intensify and get stuck. You might notice you begin to feel anxious more often or more intensely. You might have pervasive thoughts that say, “I shouldn’t be doing this”, “I should be doing this”. Your inner critic kicks into high gear. These protective functions have a purpose. They are there, from their perspective, to help you “get it together”. They feel that if they can just get you to “do everything right” or “pay more attention”, that you will be safe. You needed these protections at one time in your life but they are no longer serving you.

Tara Brach offers a beautiful meditation on beginning this journey to freedom with something you can practice at home here.   My sessions in Raleigh, NC are designed to be individualized and interactive



Through an efficient and effective process I designed combining client-centered, transpersonal hypnotherapy and mindfulness, you will learn how to move through these uncomfortable emotions so that you can step into who you are truly meant to be – the very best version of yourself.

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– Jennifer Catlin, M.S. – Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher, Writer, Speaker


How Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnosis offers a multitude of benefits to help you achieve your goals in life. These benefits are widespread and ripple outward in unexpected, positive ways. The benefits of client-centered, transpersonal hypnotherapy are even more expansive because this type of hypnosis allows you to access the root cause of behaviors through an interactive, personalized program that meets you exactly where you are. You are considered to be the authority of your life and inner world and you hold the answers within. A client-centered hypnotherapist can enable you to connect with your inner voice in ways that help you to create outward change.

When you discover hypnotherapy and transform into the very best version of you, these are some of the benefits you might notice:



How Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Helps You Shift and Live Your Best Life



Despite your external experiences, you find more joy, contentment and ease of living in the present moment. There is a sense of being able to ride the waves of life rather than drowning in them.


 You notice a positive change in behavior. What used to hold you back now only motivates you forward. Unresolved emotions that were held in the subconscious process and in turn, allow you to shift out of old coping mechanisms into behaviors that fully serve you in your life.

You might find yourself engaging in activities you once avoided out of irrational fear, or stepping into positions of leadership because you feel confident in who you are now. You might develop a different relationship with food and eliminate binge eating or connect with others in a deeper way. Whatever behavior it is you want to change, client-centered hypnotherapy offers a useful, effective tool to allow you to achieve that goal.


      You become more connected to yourself. I frequently hear clients describing it feel like they came home to themselves and finally feel comfortable in their own skin. There is no greater sense of freedom than that of feeling comfortable existing in your body!


      You feel a sense of personal empowerment. This is not to be confused with ego power, but rather living your truth in an open-hearted, authentic way. You continue to feel compassion for others, have the ability to speak your truth and also maintain healthy boundaries for yourself.


    You begin to care for yourself in a healthy way. The relationship with “you” changes and moves in a direction that includes alignment with who you are at your core. Making friends with yourself means self care naturally becomes an integral part of your life. Liking who you are is a game changer in all aspects of your being.


Give it a try! You are here to shine and the world needs you at your best. You are the authority on your life and inner world. If you would like assistance in connecting to the wisdom that resides within you, moving through stuck emotions from the past, and creating behavioral shifts that align you with your best self,  you can contact me by emailing:  [email protected]   OR  call: (919) 455-1987. Local and long distance appts. are available.

About Me: I am a client-centered transpersonal hypnotherapist and perfectly imperfect human being living life as best I can. I am learning in this journey with other perfectly imperfect humans. I have my Master’s degree in School Psychology and am trained in mindfulness instruction. I utilize a combination of client-centered hypnosis and mindfulness in my practice and work with others in a nonjudgemental, compassionate way. I enjoy time with family, reading, hiking, kayaking, animals, herbal tea, farmer’s markets and all things nature. Most of all, I love emotions and working with emotional energy. It was through hypnotherapy and mindfulness that I developed a deeper relationship with myself, moved through the identification with a strong inner critic, and found freedom and joy in this crazy, beautiful existence. It is my passion to share what I learned with others and my wish for you is that you also find the freedom you seek.