Jennifer Catlin, M.S., C.Ht.

Jennifer offers Hypnosis, Mindfulness Sessions and Hypnotherapy Training.

Jennifer Catlin

About Me

I was raised in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY and early on, began my career as a school psychologist and mindfulness instructor. In 2001, I was introduced to mindfulness and the benefits of guided imagery, which I incorporated into my work with children and adults. Upon discovering the profound effects of imagery and mindfulness on my own personal growth and that of clients, I began a lifelong journey of exploring holistic modalities to assist people with processing deep seated emotions that bring about effective behavioral shifts.

I am certified as a Kripalu yoga instructor and later completed the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Training for Professionals program. It was around this time that I was faced with first a spiritually transformative experience (STE), later followed by a near death experience (NDE) which proved to be life changing and permanently altered the course of my professional career. I embarked upon an earnest pursuit of exploring my spirituality which led me to The Newton Institute, where I trained and certified in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy and became a certified hypnotherapy instructor, offering advanced hypnosis techniques to individuals seeking change.

We all face challenges in life. Through my own difficulties in working with fear and my inner critic, I experienced the profound and life changing effects of hypnotherapy and mindfulness and it is my passion to share this process with others.

When I am not in the office, I enjoy spending time outdoors. I love all things nature, including hiking and kayaking! Besides the outdoors, I also enjoy reading, writing, a good cup of herbal tea (there is something I very much love about having an electric tea kettle) and spending time with my family and friends, both human and animal. I am married and have two children. I understand the complexities that busyness of parenthood and spousal relationships bring into life and am humbled to have the opportunity to continue to learn how to nurture these relationships in a way that allows for deeper connections with myself and my loved ones and I wish that for you too. I hold much gratitude for those I share this life with and am honored to walk with you on your path.